Monday, April 14, 2008

What did we actually buy?

Someone on the Yahoo Message Board said "there is some real value in the plants and equipt, plus a viable business." I hope he's right. I went to Google Maps and got pix of the plants. It will give you guys a look at what we all bought into.

The Pitt Penn place is right. The rust colored building is the corporate office I think. There are two beat up trailers that are stuck in front of the building. The Unifide place looks like its in a strip mall. It shares the same address with a restaurant. Don't know about the EMC place.

The message board has a lot of wishful thinking on it. When you buy a stock, you can't forget that there is business behind it. We're not playing Monopoly (unless you're day trading). The price is not going to go up until this company starts doing something!

I wouldn't be surprised if they closed the doors by the 18th. They could avoid posting the numbers on the 22nd that way. Who knows. This thing is a total crapshoot.

Any thoughts?

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broker47 said...


The office and plant are all in one location in Creighton, PA. I live close buy and know this company very well. The plant does have some nice features to it. On the river for barge receiving and the rail site. The plant however is old and out dated. Old filling lines and equipment so production cost are high and they have no cash or terms to buy any raw material in large quantities. Plus they have very few good customers left. IEAM bought the place for about 5m. ECM is located somewhere else it is the only part of this that is doing ok.